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    7 Points to Ponder before taking a Jet-Setting Job

    In order to fully reap the benefits of a travel-based job, you must first do what you can to preserve the passion that led you to it in the first place. These questions and your answers to them can help you identify any potential hang-ups that could threaten to leave you more exhausted than exhilarated by the demands of travel.


    Dress for the Hustle without all the Hassle

    In need of a few summer work staples? Try these on for size.


    A Look at Love, Loss, and the Lessons they brought with them

    364 days ago, I would never in 364 million years have imagined that this day would not only pass by without a single tear, but that its most predominant and pervasive emotional undertone would be one of utter gratitude.


    Healthy Snacks & Hacks for Life on the Road

    Nothing wages war on healthy habits faster or with more fury than an erratic travel schedule.  Here are a few die hard lessons and habits to help keep you focused, healthful, and happy on the road.


    Dear Millennial Bashers, We Need to Talk...

    I appreciate your candor. I do. And I appreciate your desire for a better world. Who wouldn’t? But here’s the thing: can we please take a chill pill with all the Millennial bashing?


    15 Minutes of Pillow Talk with Arianna Huffington

    Let’s be real, if you want to know how to survive a life of travel and stay on your game, this is the powerhouse you ask.

    Travel Recovery Pro Tips

    Airports and planes can be headaches and pains, and while we can't control all of the factors that go into making a flight environment or experience pleasant, here are a few essentials I can't live (or fly) without, to help rejuvenate the body inside and out.



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    - A brutally honest friend
    (who really just said what we're all usually thinking)

    "Crystal has a unique gift when speaking in front of an audience. Not only did she learn and remember all 22 ladies' names in our wine class, but she shared tons of knowledge in a way that made it personable, fun, and memorable.  She has such a vibrant personality, is very intelligent, and loves people!  She was a huge hit!"

    - Sue Schaefer
    Store Manager, Total Wine & Spirits, Clearwater, FL