Company concept, content, design, and development, all cooked up from scratch:

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    Profile Feature in Art & Beauty Magazine

    From country blue sash to award-winning producer and coach, discover how nationally-renowned trailblazer Brittney Eskew forged her way in a crowded industry.

    Pillow Talk with Arianna Huffington

    A coffeehouse campout, an Uber ride, and a 15-minute chat with the powerhouse of sleep prowess.

    Seven Cards & a Glass of Bourbon

    How hundreds of games and one faded sock taught me the value of time.

    Peaches the Magical Pearl

    An adventure story written for kids awaiting a new brother or sister!

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  • "When you said you wanted to write more I was like, 'Really?' *eye roll* .... Here's another friend I'm going to have ignore because I won't think they're as great as they think they are. But your writing is so readable, I love it! I actually read the entire article which I do not do 99% of the time. Keep writing!"

    - A brutally honest friend named Alex
    (who really just said what we're all usually thinking)

    "Crystal has a unique gift when speaking in front of an audience. Not only did she learn and remember all 22 ladies' names in our wine class, but she shared tons of knowledge in a way that made it personable, fun, and memorable.  She has such a vibrant personality, is very intelligent, and loves people!  She was a huge hit!"

    - Sue Schaefer
    Store Manager, Total Wine & Spirits, Clearwater, FL

    "Crystal created our welcome book for our short-term rental property. She compiled it from scratch, and threw in some of the most original and authentic material I have ever seen in a welcome book! The creativity that went into that book completely exceeded our expectations!"

    - Brittney Eskew
    Owner, East Side BNB, Nashville, TN

    "We're expecting our third child, and Crystal wrote a beautiful story for our first two as they wait on the arrival of their brother or sister, about a pirate and a mermaid and a mystical pearl they find on their adventures. It's wonderfully written, and our kids think it's so magical that the story is about them! We'll treasure it for years to come!"

    - Sarah St. Clair
    Owner, IRevive Health & Wellness, Nashville, TN